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Here you can play casino games for free. The game featured is called Jingle Spin and is a fun slot with bonus games. To start playing, just click on the green “Spin” button or “Max Bet”. You have €500 as free money to play for. If you want to play Jingle Spin or any other fun casino game for real money you can do it at Mr Green.


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How do the Pay lines at casino games work

Pay lines show the different ways that you can win on a casino game. The simplest input line can be played on a straight line in the middle of the five reels. If the symbols on the line are equal, you win. The more lines you choose to play the greater your chances are to win but it also becomes more expensive to play if you select more lines. You can change the number of lines to bet on by clicking on the “Pay Lines” button. On this bandit, you can play 1 to 30 bet lines. Start button starts the game with the current bet lines and bet level.
Maxi Kit starts the online casino game with the maximum bet lines, highest bet level, and pre-selected coin value. If you want to play casino games you can do it at Betsafe Casino.

How does the bet level at casino games work

The bet level shows how much you bet on each line. On the JingleSpin bandit it can be varied between 1 and 4. To see how many credits a casino game costs take the bet level and multiply it by the number of input lines. If you want to know how many euro the game costs just multiply the number of credits with the coin value that you have chosen. See examples below.

How does coin value work when you play casino games

The coin value can be varied between 0.01 and 0.50. For example if you have chosen to play 10 lines and have 2 bet levels, then a spin at the slot will cost 20 credits (10 x 2). With a coin value of 0.1, the spin will cost two euro (20 x 0.1). You see all the time what the stakes are at the bottom of the bandit. So you do not have to figure it out yourself for each spin when you play casino games. If you want to play casino games you can do it at Betsafe Casino.

What is the paytable / Earnings Table

One-armed bandits Paytable shows the symbols that provide benefits and how large the various winnings are. You see the bandit paytable by clicking the “paytable” sign on the left in the game. Here you will also see the symbols that give jackpot winnings and which symbols are “wild”. A Wild symbol substitutes all symbols except jackpot, scatters and bonus wins. As you can see, it’s easy to play casino games if you just read how the games work. If you want to play casino games you can do it at Betsafe Casino.

Play Bonus Game

If you get three or more bonus symbols in a row from left to right on an active bet line that will start the bonus game. Then a cute penguin colony of 12 penguins will appear in the bandit. In the bonus game you should choose the penguins by clicking on them. All penguins have a fish around the back and as long as you choose a penguin who have not eaten their fish you may continue. Each penguin with a whole fish is a bonus amount that you win when the bonus round ends. The game is therefore over when you choose a penguin with a fish bone. The total bonus win is the sum of all bonuses received during the bonus game. If you want to play casino games and see how the bonus game looks like, click on “View Feature” at the bottom of the game right corner. To then come back and continue to play casino games, click on the arrow in the same corner.

To read about the various bonuses and see a complete list of all the bonuses you can do it at our casino bonus page. If you are going to start playing the online casino it is important to have control of your gambling and your money. Therefore, we suggest you do a simple games budget before you start playing. If you are unsure of the different game types you can read about them in our wizard.