Roulette Odds
In order to improve your chances of winning at the roulette table, it is important to learn odds for the different bets. The dividend on profits at roulette varies for different types of casinos but commonly international roulette odds are used . Most people know that an individual number is big business, and to win in red / black or odd / even gives double the bet, but unfortunately there are not many who know what odds other bets provide. The casino has a slight advantage in this game but compared to many other games their advantage is rather small if you play right and know what roulette odds are applicable.

International roulette odds

Below are the most common roulette odds for the various efforts

One numberPlain (straight up)35 times
Two numbersCheval (Split)17 times
Three numbersTransverse (street)11 times
Four numbersCarré (cornerback)8 times
Six numbersSimple (six line)5 times
Twelve numbersColumn / Dozen2 times
Eighteen numbersRed / Black High / Low1 times

Roulette various bets

Plain: The player bets on a single number.

Cheval: The player bets on two numbers by placing his bet on the line between the two numbers.

Transverse: The player places his bet on the line on the side of a row of three numbers.

Carré: Players are betting on four numbers by placing his bet where the lines cross each other between the four boxes.

Simple: The player places his bet between two rows of three numbers in each.

Column / Dozen: The player may bet that the ball stops on the first dozen, 1-12. Middle dozen, 13-24 or last dozen 25-36.

Red / Black: The player bets on whether the ball lands on a red or a black number.

High / Low: The player bets on whether the winning number is in the low half (1-18) or high half (19-36).

Test your roulette odds

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