Playing Bingo online has become increasingly common, especially in Sweden. Something that is different from Bingo Poker, Blackjack and other casino games is that you do not have to know any complicated rules, so you can start playing right away. Winning Chances are also high which means that many new players are attracted to try Bingo. Bingo has been big in Sweden for a long time, thanks to television programs such as Bingolotto where you play classic bingo. Principles and Rules on online bingo is the same as “regular” classic bingo, but the difference is that you play from home using your computer instead of going to a bingo hall. Many bingo games online also has a social function where you can communicate with other bingo players.

Online casinos offering Bingo

Swedish Casinos offering great bingo games:

Bingo card

Bingo is played on a bingo card. A bingo card usually consist of 5×5 random numbers exposed. On the top of each card letters form the word BINGO, and below each letter there are five digits. The word bingo is on the card to make it faster and easier to find the number picked up by the bingohost. Otherwise, if you have many cards it would be difficult to catch up. If the bingohost is calling up O-63, then you know that the figure 63 should be under the letter O. If it is not there it is not on the card at all, and you do not need to look any further. During the heyday BingoLotto sold a special pen that you could use to mark the exclaimed numbers with on the bingo card. An accessory that might seem unusual, but many liked it. However, that bingo pen is nothing that you need to have to play Bingo online.

Bingo Rules

Each player buys one or more cards before the game starts. The price of the cards can vary from a few dollars to several hundred dollars. Of course, the winning prices are more attractive on an expensive card than on a cheap. In Bingo a host calls out numbers as O-63 and B-1, etc… If the number called out is on your plate, you should put a cross over that number. When you play bingo online the numbers are crossed automatically, so you do not have to be afraid to miss a number. The bingo host continues to shout out the numbers until someone gets a bingo. Play bingo for free on this page if you want to learn the rules better.


When any player has had five numbers crossed in a row, either horizontally, vertically or diagonally, he or she has bingo and is the winner of the round. In an online bingo, you do not have to yell so loud that everyone can hear, and so the host can come and control your card. Everything is instead handled automatically.

Dividends on Bingo

When someone has bingo, he / she often wins the overall pool from all participants, (minus a small percentage that goes to the bingo room, about 5%). Unlike many live bingo halls, online bingo sites have a jackpot in the bingo rooms. Jackpot makes the game much more interesting because the jackpot prize can be so much bigger than just the turnover of the players during the current round. So do play at a bingo room with high-jackpot, it is more fun.

Bingo Strategies

Bingo is based on chance and you can never beat the system. There are many different bingo strategies and bingo systems for winning big on Bingo. But no strategies or systems work, unfortunately. Most theories are just pure superstition.

If you like the feeling of shouting Bingo when you hit the last number that you waited a long time you should try out bingo on any of the online casinos that we recommend in the list at the top of the page. At all casinos you can play bingo for free trial or sign up and play for real money to increase the excitement. If you want to keep yourself updated with what’s happening on the casino market, you can read our casino news.