Jadestone is a swedish company in the gaming industry that own the multiplayer networks GamArena and DiceArena. These networks are so-called skill games network, which means that games that are there are not based on luck but on skill. Standard casino games like video slots and roulette are luck-based, which means that Jadestone game is an interesting news for many online casinos and their players.
One of Jadestones games that has just been launched on NordicBet casino is called Liar’s Dice. Here, you play dice with another player and it comes down to getting a better hand than your opponent or just bluff and have him or her to believe that you have a better hand. Liar’s Dice is a very interesting and exciting dice games for all casino players who want to win money because of their skill rather than luck! If you want to try Liar’s Dice, you can do it at NordicBet casino.

How to Play Liar’s Dice?

Liar’s Dice is about to either have a higher poker hand than your opponent, or to bluff the opponent and get him to believe that your hand will beat his hand. The game is played man to man. At the start both players put an ante. After that the players thow their five dice, that they watch but keep hidden from the opponent. The first player now places a bet. The second player can now choose to:
Accept the bet, call the bet
Fold, give up the pot
Or challenge the bet, call the bet

If the second player accepts the bet, he must bet on a higher hand than the last bet. A higher hand either has a higher value or the same value but a higher total. The game continues until one player challenges with a new bet. Each player can throw any number of dice again before the new bets are made, this is limited to two times a game / challenge.
If the player challenges and calls a bet and the player’s hand is lower or equal value to the challenge at hand then the player loses the pot. If the player challenges and calls a bet that turns out to be higher than the challenged his hand (a scam) then the player wins the pot.

About NordicBet

NordicBet is a young gaming company that was founded in 2002. The product portfolio comprises a wide range of poker, betting and casino games. NordicBet offers a superior selection of games including video slots and table games on both online casino and mobile casino.
NordicBet was named the world's best bookmaker in 2006 by the Norwegian gaming magazine TIPS. In 2011 NordicBet also launched a Live Casino where players can play table games like Blackjack, Roulette and Baccarat with real dealers who is filmed and streamed to the player's computer.