Casino Hold’em Poker has become a very popular table game after the big poker wave of Texas Hold’em Poker in 2005. Casino Hold’em Poker is a fun and easy poker game that you’ll often find in online casinos. Unlike Texas Hold’em Poker you are not playing against other players, but against the bank. When the game starts, you place a bet on the table. You are then dealt two cards, two are dealt to the bank, and three cards are placed faced up on the table. You can only see only your two cards and the three cards on the table. What you want to do now is to get the best poker hand possible with your two cards and the three cards on the table, plus two additional cards that will be placed face up on the table. If you get a better hand than the bank, you win. Casino Hold’em Poker is a great option if you enjoy playing poker in the casino, but without the stress and pressure of playing with other poker players around you.


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