In these days, Casumo has released a brand new mobile casino that takes mobile playing to the next level. The new mobile site has a brand new design that looks stunning, in addition to working smoothly.
One of the biggest improvements is that Casumo’s casino adventure works 100 % on the phone. Previously, we were directed to their online casino when wanting to browse the collected valuables and which level and planet we were on. But you no longer have to leave your phone to follow your adventure. Of course, all of your progress on the mobile casino will also be displayed on the online casino, so all your valuables and bonuses will follow you!

Improved UI

The User Interface (UI) is perhaps the most important aspect in order that users will enjoy a site. Therefore, Casumo has spent a lot of time to make a perfect and simple UI that lets us players hardly even have to think about how the site works. If you manage to create a site where the users do not have to think when navigating and using all of its features, you have succeeded. And after using Casumo’s new mobile casino for a couple of weeks, we can indeed state that they have done a terrific job. All features and navigation feel self-explanatory, and not one of us that tried the site needed help to use it. Simply a great quality!

Easier deposits and withdrawals

Besides the games and a quick registration, one of the most important features on a casino is that the deposits and withdrawals works smoothly. Casumo spent a lot of time making a simple payment system that lets you both deposit money to play for and withdraw your winnings. You will never have to worry about how to these operations again.

Also new games

In addition to releasing a brand new mobile casino in the Summer of 2015, Casumo has also released a bunch of new games. Their latest release is Sparks, that came out July 24th. It is sparkly and cool slot with 5 reels, where you can set the bet level through coin value and number of lines that you play with. You can of course play Sparks with fun money both at Casumo’s online- and mobile casino. We at Mobile Casino Service wish you good luck with the playing!

About Casumo Casino

Casumo is an online adventure casino that is renowned in Scandinavia. What makes this online casino incredibly popular, is the fact that it uses cute characters who accompany you on missions. Complete these missions to receive a myriad of rewards. Additionally, this casino also offers a unique VIP programme for all players, not just high rollers. The more you collect 'achievements', the higher you will climb up the VIP levels.