Your Ultimate Guide to Mobile Gaming Providers

Mobile casino games are the next frontier for game providers hoping to make a splash in this industry. With more and more players choosing the touchscreen and the portability of their mobile devices over the less flexible desktop platform, this should come as no surprise.

Smartphones and tablets have become ubiquitous tools for work and play, and online casinos are eager to make their product available through these useful devices.

Game providers of all stripes are going to great lengths to ensure that their latest and greatest titles are optimised for players who prefer their phones or tablets when it comes to casino play.

As you can expect, each game studio has its own style. Indeed, that’s why players prefer some over others – it’s all a matter of taste. Whether it’s game mechanics, animation style, or even the background music, each game is the opportunity for its designers to express their vision of what the end-product should be. For mobile users, this is especially important. A small screen means that every part of each game needs to be up to scratch, so as to display its full potential, even in small dimensions.

Without further ado, these are some of the most popular game providers out there with mobile titles available. You are sure to find games that suit your personal taste and playing style from any one of these respected providers.


This games developer was there are the very start of all things web, having been founded in 1994, when the internet was still a fledgling technology. With that kind of pedigree, you’d be right to expect a certain level of quality to this provider’s creations.

Microgaming provides over 1,200 titles, including variants of several classics, in a range of categories, including slots, live dealer and sportsbook products.

For mobile players, Microgaming is especially interesting because not only do they create and publish their own titles, they also publish a range of licensed and proprietary games as well. This means that a number of other, possibly less well known game studios get to take their best creations to market with a little boost from one of the most recognisable names in the business. Great games that might otherwise have fallen through the cracks get the exposure they deserve. For example, through its Quickfire platform, Microgaming is able to support Rabcat, a game developer that brought the world unforgettable titles such as Castle Builder 1 and 2. This powerhouse of a developer has brought great titles that continue to entertain to screens of all sizes – mobile players rejoice!


If the casino world ever had an underdog, Yggdrasil would be it. Or at least, that’s what they claim on their website. All evidence actually points to a game studio that is not only making its mark in an intensely competitive industry but is actually surpassing some competitors, thanks to its unique vision and creative approach.

Founded in 2013, scarcely a year goes by that Yggdrasil doesn’t take home a trophy as some awards show or other. Recognised for a number of their accomplishments, Yggdrasil has experienced a meteoric rise in a very short period of time.

That success is wholly down to this game studio’s excellent products. Yggdrasil games have a modern, playful and sometimes unusual aura to them, characteristics that will appeal to players looking for engaging titles and new themes. These are not your grandpa’s casino games!

For Yggdrasil, mobile compatibility is not a question, it is a given. Each new title they receive is ready to roll on any device, right out the gate. Mobile players will appreciate the attention to detail that has been paid and the sheer hard work that has evidently one into Yggdrasil titles to make them stand out from the crowd.

elk-studios Elk Studios

For mobile casino players, Elk Studios is one of those oft-overlooked gems that have been creating some remarkable games, all without making too much of a fuss.

Launched in 2012, this game studio has always, right from the beginning, put mobile first. While their games play just as beautifully on desktop casinos, it is on smart devices where their products really shine.

Elk Studios has most definitely prioritised quality over quantity and their library is considered small in comparison to most competitors. However, Elk should not be underestimated. They have revolutionised game mechanics in a way that appeals to veteran players and greenhorns alike.

Elk Studio titles all have, without exception, a certain cinematic quality to them. Aside from their engaging appearance, Elk Studio games also include intriguing features like betting strategies, which allow players to set up their wagers within specified parameters. Players can explore such strategies as Jumper, Booster and Leveller, all the while being treated to some visually stunning gameplay. What’s not to love?

NetEnt NetEnt logo

No list of game providers would be complete without Net Entertainment, a behemoth within the industry with a well-earned reputation and stellar track record. This game studio opened its doors back in 1996, when the internet was still considered something of a novelty and critics were doubtful it would go anywhere.

NetEnt, as its fans know it, has had an impressive journey to its current industry-dominating standard. Its games are available in close to 200 casinos and the sheer range and diversity of their titles make it clear to see why players of all kinds have a preference for NetEnt.

When it comes to mobile games, NetEnt is no slouch. All of its newer titles were simultaneously released as desktop and mobile versions and they are working through the back catalogue to launch older games for new devices. It’s little wonder that NetEnters are so enthused about their favourite game provider – not only does it come up with some of the most engaging games in the casino world, it also makes them available on any device. NetEnt’s mobile casino games selection is second to none.