Dazzle Me is an exciting and quite different slot machine that is now available at all Swedish Casinos. The game has both a touch version that you can play on your iPhone or Android phone, and a Flash game version that works best on computers. Remember that you have to activate Flash on your browser, as many browsers are now blocking Flash content.

Dazzle Me provides a brand new game layout where the first and second reel has three symbols, the third and fourth reel has four symbols, and the fifth and last has five symbols. This makes a total of 76 play lines, and with that just as many chances of winning. Additionally, you will find a new feature named Linked Reels that makes two reels connect and lock during free spins. This means that at least two symbols will match when the reels stop spinning, and this increases the chances of winning.

You will of course find the Autoplay feature that can be used if you do not want to start the reels every time. A feature we are very fond of!


If you want to play Dazzle Me you will find the game on Betsafe who also just now offers €200 registration bonus.

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