After you have played in the demo mode for a while, you might want to try playing for real money.

It is a somewhat longer process, but it’s not very complicated.

The first two steps are the same as when playing the demo. I will continue using Betsson as an example, as the steps to create an account in any of the casinos recommended by MobileCasinoService are very similar.

1. Click on Betsson Casino

Casino Account Dummies 2001

2. If you have a feature to “block pop-up window”, allow them temporarily by clicking here:

Casino Account Dummies 2002

3. Click on “Create account”

Casino Account Dummies 2003

4. Enter the information, do not forget to select / deselect the services you want (red arrow). Finish by clicking on “Create account”

Casino Account Dummies 2004

5. Choose your payment method

Casino Account Dummies 2005

6. In my example I am using VISA. Enter the information from the card and choose the amount you wish to transfer. Finally, click on “Make deposit”.

Casino Account Dummies 2006

7. You are now on your account page. The left pane contains the various options you can choose from. To play you need to click on “Transfers between accounts”. This page also contains information about all of your balances (poker balance, casino balance, base balance, etc.)

Casino Account Dummies 2007

From this menu you can also withdraw money, check out the bonuses that apply to you, contact Betsson, etc.

8. In order to play the casino games you first need to transfer money from your base account to your casino account

Casino Account Dummies 2008

Find the casino account from the dropdown menu. Enter the amount you want to transfer and click “Transfer money”. You can also see the exchange rate being used. In my case I will receive 9.62 euros for 100 Swedish kronor. Euro is the standard currency used in Betsson Casino.

If you are a new player, you will probably also see a bonus box; click in the right side of the transfer menu. Note that this depends on which account you are transferring money to. If you are making a transfer to the sports account, Betsson may not have a bonus for it. However, most online casinos have bonuses for online casino games

9. You will then return to your Account page. In my example you can now see that money has been transferred to the casino account. Now, simply click on “Casino” and start playing.

Casino Account Dummies 2009

10. Mission accomplished!

Casino Dummies Account 10

11. Now, just choose a game and start playing!

Casino Dummies Account 11

12. Having problems choosing? Start by trying out some of the games that already have been marked off, as they are pretty well known and easy to learn. And mentioned before, if you just want to try a game, you now know how to play in demo mode.

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