For starters, you can try playing for fun, which is a feature available on most gaming sites. You can do this without having to register, download any software or log in.

All the gaming sites presented on MobileCasinoService’s top 5 list have this demo feature.

Example: In order to try to play blackjack at Betsson Casino (the same principle applies to all other games and all the other casino sites in the top five list) just follow the instructions below:

1. Click on Betsson Casino

Casino Dummies Demo 2001

2. If you have a feature to “block pop-up windows”, allow them temporarily by clicking here:

Casino Dummies Demo 2002

3. Click the “+” in the margin on the left hand side until you see “play” under “blackjack”

Casino Dummies Demo 2003

4. Click “play for fun”

Casino Dummies Demo 2004

5. Now you are good to go.

Casino Dummies Demo 2005

You will receive 5000 “fake Euros” to play with. There are menus for the rules of the game, full screen, etc. Now you can learn how Black Jack works.

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