Right now, Betsafe’s jackpots are worth more than 8 million Euros, and it is increasing every day. It is an incredible sum that is enough to fulfill anyone’s biggest dreams. And as if the 8 million were not sufficient, Betsafe are giving away an extra 200,000 if you win the jackpot in Mega Fortune, Mega Moolah or Millionaires Club.
You can also win €5,000 every week in their weekly draft, so there is plenty of good reasons for playing at Betsafe now.

The new Mega Fortune Dreams

One of the most classical jackpot slots at online casino is Mega Fortune. It has existed for many years, and has handed out millions of Euros to lucky players online. It is also the slot with the jackpot world record.
There is now a follow-up named Mega Fortune Dreams. It is an even smoother slot that is noticeably newer when it comes to design and function. The biggest difference is probably that the winnings occur more often in the new Dreams compared to the original. With that said, it does not imply that the slot is better, as the winnings will not be as high. This is because the jackpots in both games are progressive and increase in value until someone wins. If the winnings occur more often, the winning sums will not be of the same magnitude.

Current sums:

As the sums vary over time and increase until someone wins, you have to visit Betsafe to receive the exact figures. But the jackpots on Betsafe’s three best games are currently at the following values:

  1. Mega Fortune Dreams: €3.6 million
  2. Mega Moolah: €600,000
  3. Millionaires Club: €130,000

Note that many of these games have several different jackpots, and there are more slot machines at Betsafe on which you can win jackpots. The total sum is now somewhere around €8.3 million.

Do not hesitate to play for the jackpots. For every minute that passes, there is a chance that someone wins just your jackpot!

About Betsafe

Betsafe is today one of the leading suppliers of online gaming products worldwide, with over 500,000 customers from over 100 different countries. Since its official opening in January 2006 Betsafe has positioned itself as one of the most reliable gaming companies in the market.
Betsafe offers its customers a wide range of innovative products such as poker, sports betting and casino games. In their quest to have the best service Betsafe offers a very good customer support 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. Their support team is available via email, live chat and telephone.
With a strong product range and unique customer support Betsafe has become an obvious choice for gaming enthusiasts all over the world.