Today, Casumo is running their last Casino Challenges of August. The competition goes on between August 21st and September 9th, and is open for all who creates an account at Casumo. If you already have an account, you can of course participate as well.
The competition has already been running a couple of rounds, and have become very popular. Much is due to the prizes that goes up to €10,000. All who participate are guaranteed free spins and super spins, and that makes the competition even better.

Read more at Casumo and make sure to join in before September 9th, and maybe you will be the one that win the €10,000!

Machine Gun Unicorn

There are plenty of slots with crazy themes, but we think we have found a game that takes the cake. The game is named Machine Gun Unicorn and the characters in the game are crazy unicorns who are fond of machine guns and the color pink. The reason these cute magical pony horses in the game has snapped, is that they are under attack from zombies, and are thus forced to defend them self by a hero in shape of a unicorn with a machine gun as horn. Now all cute pony horses are armed and ready to defend themselves.
If it sounds like a game for you, then we think you should try it now. It is simply a too crazy game to miss out on!

Auto Play could be removed

The popular feature Auto Play that can be activated on the majority of slots could be abolished. Some countries, including Norway, chose to deactivate the feature in the game they are offering to their Norwegian players. They are doing this to protect their players against compulsive gambling.

We both understand and think it is a good thing that casinos and authorities take action to limit gambling addiction, but we leave no comment on whether this measure is the right way to go. We think it is better to force the players to set different restrictions of how much they are allowed to deposit or play for during a given period. In this way, you cannot bet more money than planned, and thus you will avoid ending up in vicious circle where you try to win back your lost money.

Swedish players can still use Auto Play on their favorite games. We know many people use the feature as it makes it easier to play and see when you win. All Swedish casinos that we present and review have a bunch of slots with this feature.

About Casumo Casino

Casumo is an online adventure casino that is renowned in Scandinavia. What makes this online casino incredibly popular, is the fact that it uses cute characters who accompany you on missions. Complete these missions to receive a myriad of rewards. Additionally, this casino also offers a unique VIP programme for all players, not just high rollers. The more you collect 'achievements', the higher you will climb up the VIP levels.