The online casino Mr Green, has always an ace up their sleeve when it comes offers. Right now, they have started a promotion named “Heavenly offers”. We checked it out, and can tell you that there is many treats waiting for you. Especially if you have not signed up yet, as you can grab their welcome package, which they give to all new customers.

In addition to the welcome bonus that gives extra money upon deposit, you can partake in Free Spins, Money Rain and exciting Tournaments. If you have not played at an online casino before, it might sound a bit complicated, but that is far from the truth. Read more about the different offers below, or at Mr Green.

Free Spins

Free spins gives you the opportunity to play a game for free. You do not have to bet any of your money when Mr Green gives you free spins that activates when playing some of their selected slots. All potential winnings go straight to your game account.
Do not confuse this with the opportunity to play «For Fun», where you will play with fun money. Because when doing so, none of your potential winnings will get on your game account, and the money will only exist when you have an active Mr Green tab on your browser. As soon as you close the browser, the fun money will disappear.

Money Rain

Unfortunately, it rarely rains money, but Mr Green is getting pretty close. They have selected a few games for their promotion, and all who play on these games have the chance to win extra money beside the game. Mr Green will draft a sum of money to some lucky players. Regardless of whether you win or lose, you have the chance to win their Money Rain.


Casino Tournaments are held on a group of slots, and it is all about luck. If you win big, you will climb the tournament leaderboard, and if you are on the top when the tournament ends, you win cash. It spices up the game and could possibly be quite rewarding. Check out the applicable sums and slots before playing, to ensure that you play on the tournament slots. You have nothing to lose!

About Mr Green

Mr Green has been gaining increasing popularity thanks to its wealth of experience in bringing quality casino games to players worldwide. The mystery man in a green suit is what makes it stand out of the crowd. Whether you are after the latest jackpot, table games of a constant flow of casino promotions, Mr Green has it all and much more.