The answer to that question is simple Yes and No.

Yesif you play at a reputable casino site that we have reviewed reviews, or on a site that you can find under the tab top 5 casinos.
They are as safe as any businesses accepting payments over the Internet can be.
If you experience any problems, they have a customer service that actually works.
Large companies such as Betsson or Unibet have nothing to gain by tricking their new customers. On the contrary, they give new players various kinds of deposit bonuses.
No. If you’re playing on a disreputable casino site. Some of these are listed on the casino blacklist in the margin on the left hand side.

How paranoid are you?

If you are you a little paranoid (like myself), you can always create a new bank account. I have one card that I use for all types of purchases over the Internet. Using my online banking I easily log in and transfer money between my accounts using a PIN code.
On my internet card, I rarely have more than a balance of 55 euro, so if I do happen to encounter Internet scammers that is all I’m going to lose.

Payment Methods

On the left hand side of MobileCasinoService’s site you will find examples of available payment methods. When you have overcome your fear, or set up a guarantee arrangement like I have, move on to part 2. Here you will see how to make a deposit, step by step.

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