Stacked Wilds is a feature found on many new video slots and slot machines. Frequent Wilds is a special symbol that is found on wheels in the video slot. If you get a WildSymbol, it will be replaced by the symbol that gives a maximum profit on your paying lines. For example, we can say that you have two symbols of the same variety (we can say two apples) on the center line of a video slot. If the third symbol on the center line is a Wild it will be replaced by an apple. That way you will have three symbols of the same variety (apples) on the center line and you will win money. A Wild thus acts as a kind of Joker on the video slots.

How does Stacked Wilds work?

Stacked Wilds works in much the same way as Wilds but is actually even better for the player. While an ordinary Wild replaces a symbol in the place it appears, a Stacked WildSymbol will be replaced over all lines in the game. So if the video slot has three lines, then a Stacked Wild will replace all these so that you get the highest possible profit.
Stacked Wilds is in other words, a really good feature that provides more power and increases the chances of winning. To see if a slot has Stacked Wilds you can check the game’s paytable or read about the game on our page about slots.