Bonus on deposit or registration is the most common form of bonus you are offered as a new customer at an online casino. Only online casinos offer bonuses, it’s not common for real-life casinos.
The Swedish games cannot make use of that type of offer, a bit unclear why, maybe because they can use other types of marketing.
You must meet the conditions associated with both types of bonuses (deposit bonus and sign up bonus) before the money becomes yours “for real”. Often the bonus is valid only for one category of the games offered at the online casino (casino, poker, betting, bingo, etc.).
So unfortunately you cannot log in, get the bonus, take the money and then run to Ikea and buy a new sofa.

Casino Bonus Dummies 2001

Well, we start from scratch:

Sign up bonus:
For more information on registration go and see paragraph 2 of this crib.
As an example, I will now sign up at Mr. Green casino to get my sign up bonus.
After making the initial steps for the registration of Mr Green Casino, the following box pops up:

Casino Bonus Dummies 2002
Click continue and then open your mail server. There, click on the attached link. There is a security measure to confirm that you are you.
After confirmation that you are actually you and nobody else, you will find yourself at Mr Green’s homepage. Now you have an account, so just click on Login.

Casino Bonus Dummies 2003

After you enter your password to view your balance, this will follow:

Casino Bonus Dummies 2004
It really was not the case. Now I’ll play some Black Jack.

After a few lucky rounds at the black jack table, I have managed to double my money.

Casino Bonus Dummies 2005

Yes! Now I want to take them out and buy a Ben & Jerry at the supermaket. But wait, that’s not possible!
Nah, and it is because I have to play and bet money several times before they I can get mine “for real”.

Wagering requirements?

It is common that the wagering requirement is 20-30 times. This means that when you’re playig you must move the amount you receive in bonus x wagering requirement, before money is released. Some casinos let the money in € 10 increments. It is always posted on the online casinos website which conditions apply.

But wait a minute now, 25×25 = 625! Do I have to bet 625 euro to get my 25 euro?
Yes, it’s correct, but hang on for a while. To know how good a deal is you need to know how much payout (reimbursement percentage) the casino has (see casino payout the MobileCasinoService website).

Normally, the table games at online casinos have 97% in payout. So in my case, I will, on average, after having bet the 625 euro to have the 625×0,97 = 606.25 euro left. I will add my 25 bonus euro that now is mine for real and the final sum is 631.25.
 So my real signup bonus is 6 euro and 25 cents. On the other hand, my payout has risen from 97% to 101%! Which is pretty good considering that I did not pay anything.

Sign up today:

Deposit Bonus and registration bonus work in a similar. In order to get a deposit bonus, insert a sum and a percentage of that sum in bonuses.
When it comes to Mr. Green casino, I get 100% on my first deposit up to 55 euro. So, if I make a deposit of 55 euro I will get 110 euro I can start playing with. This was the current requirement …

The same formula can be used for all bonuses offered (bonus amount x revenue requirement x repayment rate) and it shows how much money you will statistically have left after the rollover requirement is met.
 And then you add the bonus amount and you get the real bonus.
Seems complicated? To put it in a nutshell, it can be said that a wagering requirement of 20 times with a 95% payout (regular payout for slot) makes the repayment rate 100%. Note that there is an average. The actual amount can be from 0 – 40 million (quite rare, but it does happen sometimes).

A casino bonus of 300% is not necessarily good

The essential elements of a casino bonus is thus the turnover requirement and casino payout. A bonus of 300% but with a wagering requirement of 50 times and 46% payout is a purely bad offer. In that case, a deposit of 100 euro tmeans that I have to bet 5000 before I get my 300 euro, and has since 100x50x0,46 = 2300 euro left.
 With the bonus of 300%, I got back to 2400 euro.

To see what bonuses are offered by different online casinos, go to the MobileCasinoService bonus page

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