Video Slots We Recommend

To help new players find fun and interesting video slots quickly and easily, we have tried and tested all the games you are likely to find in online casinos. We have given a Thumbs Up to the games we enjoyed the most. So if you’re new to casino games and want to get recommendations on the best slot machines, you should look for the symbol in the list we have compiled below.

Slot machines found at online casinos

Jungle Games
Slot machine - Video slot - Net Entertainment

Jungle Games is a slot machine with 5 reels, 3 lines, a wild-compensation and clickable Scatters with Free spins and Bonus Prizes in the Win-Pick function. Besides a lot of beautiful game functions, Jungle Games has very nice graphics […]

Jackpot Jamba
Slot machine - Video slot - BetSoft Gaming

Jackpot Jamba is a swinging slot machine you’ll find in some online casinos. It is a simple 5 reel video slot machine from BetSoft Gaming’s selection of older games. The best thing about Jackpot Jamba is that it […]

Groovy Sixties
Slot machine - Video slot - Net Entertainment

Groovy Sixties is a groovy slot machine that Austin Powers would love, as it radiates the 60s, Hippies and Flower Power. It is a colorful video slot machine where you can win up to € 200,000 if you […]

Haunted Mansion
Slot machine - Video slot - Nyx Interactive

Haunted Mansion is a scary video slot machine where you can find both The Mummy and Frankenstein. As always in slot machines it’s important to get as many symbols as possible next to each other. The more symbols […]

Glam Life
Slot machine - Video slot - BetSoft Gaming

Glam Life is exactly as it sounds, a slot machine / video slot machine with a luxurious, glamorous theme – you find yourself in the middle of luxurious yachts and Cristal Champagne. It is a 3D slot machine […]

Fairy Magic
Slot machine - Video slot - Playtech

Fairy Magic is a fairy tale slot machine where you play with unicorns, goblins and magical fairies. The graphics in the video slot are stylish, with nice colors and nice sound. There are plenty of profit opportunities in […]

Fantastic Four
Slot machine - Video slot - Playtech

Fantastic Four is a very good slot machine, and Playtech has once again succeeded in creating a unique gaming experience with a high profit potential. Fantastic Four is a part of Playtech’s series of slot machines with Marvel […]

Slot machine - Video slot - Net Entertainment

Excalibur is a nice slot machine with a medieval theme inspired by the legend of King Arthur and the famous Sword in the Stone. Excalibur was the name of a famous sword that was stuck in a stone […]

Dungeons & Dragons Crystal Caverns
Slot machine - Video slot - WagerWorks IGT

Dungeons & Dragons Crystal Caverns is a slot machine from WagerWorks with a unique function called Tumbling Reels. The unique thing about this is that the symbols are not located on the reels; they fall down into the […]

Diamond Dreams
Slot machine - Traditional slot - BetSoft Gaming

Diamond Dreams is a 3 reel slot machine featuring diamonds and gemstones. It may sound luxurious and flashy, but this slot machine is simple and cheap. It is an old traditional slot machine, and you can tell by […]