Voodoo Vibes Slot machine is the game for those who like black magic and voodoo arts. The game’s graphics are mysterious with dull colors and burning fire, accompanied by matching sound effects such as owls crying and creaking branches.
There are four game levels to choose from, and the coin value can be from € 0.01 – € 0.5 depending on how brave you are. Voodoo Vibes’ wild symbol looks like a skull joker, and Voodoo Vibes’ scatter is a green snake. You can play Voodoo Vibes Bonus if you get 3 or more voodoo dolls. In the bonus game called “Stick the pin and win”, you stick pins into voodoo dolls and collect bonus points. You can keep on playing till you do not stick the needle in the evil doll!


If you want to play Voodoo Vibes you will find the game on Betsafe who also just now offers €200 registration bonus.

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